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PCDJ Karaoke With In-Application Karaoke Subscription - Sign of the times, or just a trend?  Music subscriptions are everywhere - from the Spotify's and rdio's, to the radio-centric Pandora and Last.fm.   It's been said by many recently that ownership of content, in this case music, isn't as important to the younger generation as it was to the older crowd.
I agree.  I lump myself into this same category, although I'm not necessarily "young" I am a techno buff and have been using both Spotify and rdio for my streaming music needs for the last year (and in the case of rdio, download tethering to my iPad and iPhone, so I store the songs locally on my device).

It's great for music discovery, allowing you to find new tunes similar to the music you know you already love.   The audio quality is great, and playback is hiccup free.

What hasn't yet been done effectively until recently is karaoke streaming.   There are now a few services that you can pay a monthly fee for that allow you access to many thousands of karaoke songs that you stream from you computer or mobile device - complete with follow-the-bouncing-ball on-screen lyrics.

Of course, these services are designed for home users or consumers, not for professional karaoke hosts...

Enter our upcoming karaoke subscription service for commercial use, which will be the first legal karaoke subscription for karaoke entertainers.   Unlike most of the services mentioned, minus radio and it's feature that allows you to download songs to your mobile devices, you will be able to store the files you wish to use locally on your gig computer.

 Technically it's called tethering, as the files will be usable only when our customer is paying the monthly fee (which is yet to be determined).   This will allow the pro KJ access to tens of thousands of tunes from multiple karaoke providers/manufacturers for one monthly fee - and the catalog will be updated regularly.  A simple click on "update my catalog" will allow you to download all the freshly added karaoke tunes.

PCDJ Karaoki With In-Application Karaoke Subscription - So, if you'd like to let us know your take on this type of in-app subscription service,  if it's something you'd consider using (or not),  we'd love to hear from you.   We hope to launch within the next two months, and keep tabs on our blog here for more information, including pricing, when it's available!

Until then, keep on singing!

“He who sings scares away his woes.”
― Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra

7 thoughts on “PCDJ Karaoke With In-Application Karaoke Subscription

    • Thanks Al, we’ll definitely let you know when it goes live. Make sure you either like us on Facebook, subscribe to our newsletter, subscribe the RSS feed for this blog or simply keep checking our pcdj.com website. We’re excited to bring to the market the worlds first in-app professional karaoke subscription, so we’ll be shouting from the mountaintops when it’s ready to fly!

  1. I would absolutely be interested if the subscription price is reasonable. Please let me know when you have this available. I think it would be even better if this could be used no matter what KJ program was being used.

  2. Jody

    Hi Ryan- your post above mentions access to tens of thousands, but the current advertisement for kcp references 8,000.  Are there plans for the library to expand rapidly in the near future?  Or is the bulk of the library already represented and only new material would expand it?  Does the song book you have on the site accurately reflect the current kcp book?

    Sorry for all the questions… Looking into getting into KJing and the cloud seems like a perfect fit, just I'm trying to determine if supplementing it with other solutions like some of the SC gem series discs will be necessary.



    • Hello Jody, 

      Digitrax Entertainment (formally Chartbuster Entertainment) is adding more tunes to the KCP regularly.   They have suggested we’d have 5000 or so new songs by next week, and up to around 20,000 in less than 60 days.   The goal is to be around 30,000 tracks or so, which is close to all available and legally licensed karaoke tracks on the market.   So it’s getting there.  The song book on our site reflects the 8800 tracks in the KCP now.  

      Digitrax also claims they will add close to 20 new tracks a month to the cloud once the base library has been added. Meaning, newly created songs, new material. 

      Let me know if you have anymore questions!

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