The PCDJ Blog – Just Our Spin On Things


The PCDJ Blog - Just Our Spin On Things

Welcome Back!

Our goal here is to regularly provide you with some insight into not only what we're up to here at PCDJ, but all things Digital DJ, Karaoke Software, and otherwise entertainment industry related.   You'll receive input from various PCDJ team members and guest writers almost daily, including myself Ryan Sherr.

I've personally been with PCDJ for the past 13 years, and I like to think I know quite a bit about our little yet booming industry...I hope to share some of that knowledge with you.

First a warning; we'll be the first to admit we (I!) failed creative writing in high-school - but this blog isn't necessarily about telling a story, it's about us, the music, and the people that drive this business and industry.

With that said, we've been a busy team here in sunny Clearwater Florida.   We recently released our DJ DEX app for your ipad, a true DJ software mixing application you can actually gig with.   Over labor day I threw our families annual backyard BBQ for a few friends and family, and spent close to 2 hours mixing and taking the odd request (trust me, odd is the perfect adjective, my family has a very eclectic taste in tunes).

I can honestly say the App performed really well and that this type of gathering is the perfect environment for the iPad DJ.  I think it would be amiss to ignore the iPad and other tablets as the future of this business.  They still have a way to go in terms of power and easy DJ controller connectivity, but I think we're closer than most thing in seeing iPads or the like as fixtures in clubs and event halls everywhere.

Until then of course we're still focusing our development efforts on PCDJ DEX 2 and RED Mobile 2.   I'm happy to announce, and I'm sure some very patient PCDJ customers will agree,  we have a fantastic update for both DJ software (and video mixing) applications coming this month.

To throw you a small bone, video transitions and video effects will be part of the PCDJ DEX 2 release, which have been highly requested by our users (and subsequently most of our employees).    While I can't elaborate yet on other new additions or feature tweaks, I will say that we've been listening to your requests and wants and taking them into consideration - I think you'll find this next update our most sound and easy-to-use release to date.

Ok kids, I'm off to test our latest beta version :)  Please check back soon, and your feedback and comments are always welcome!

The PCDJ Blog - Just Our Spin On Things

4 thoughts on “The PCDJ Blog – Just Our Spin On Things

  1. Stu

    With your new Karaoke package, and me being in EUROPE, how do you propose to get around the ProDub licencing that is now law for anyone using Laptops and any other type of MP3 and digital downloads.

    We are hit by pro-rata rates, I.E: for about 5000+ tracks on your digital device, we have to pay £225 per YEAR! the more you have, the more you pay.
    What a rip off, as we have all paid for our CD collections, but now, they say we are copying them onto digital devices, and we have to pay for the privilege. Scandalous!

    • Hello Stu, unfortunately, if that’s your law there really isn’t anything we could propose to change it. If the law is stopping at a stop sign, you stop, right? I suppose if KJing or DJing from a laptop is your livelihood it’s simply the price of doing business, albeit expensive as it is!

      • I did however just read this tidbit, for what it’s worth: “The ProDub is only if someone wants to format shift (make a digital copy from discs they have got). Your supplying digitally and paying the royalties direct”

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