DJ Software Feature Spotlight – MIDI Learn


Our DJ software applications, DEX 2 and RED Mobile 2 (as well as the upcoming version 3 upgrades) already natively support over 60 popular DJ Controllers from all the top manufacturers.  

DJ MIDI Controllers with built-in support are "zero-configure"; simply have the controller plugged into your computer and turned on and either of our DJ mixing software applications with find the controller on startup and intialize it.   The only manual configuration necessary is selecting how you want the audio output setup under the audio tab in options.

That's great if your DJ controller (or MIDI controller) is one of the 60 directly supported DJ controllers, but what if your shiney new controller isn't yet supported?    

We add support for new DJ controllers all the time, but with the popular DJ equipment manufacturers such as Numark and Pioneer releasing fresh controller designs at break-neck speeds, we can't always write support immediately.  Enter in our exclusive and unique "MIDI Learn" feature...MIDIlearn-DJsoftware-DEX

"MIDI Learn" provides our DJ software customers the ability to visually map any DJ controller using MIDI communication and/or map any keyboard key to any on-screen function.  The feature has been designed so that anyone can do it very easily without learning to program or edit scripts.   It's an excellent option for those that have DJ MIDI Controllers we don't yet natively support, but "MIDI Learn" does have some limitations.  

For instance, most DJ controllers with Platters/Jog Wheels are not created equal.   Per revolution of a controller platter or jog wheel each device will send different signals at various intervals -- so in most cases proper and advanced platter/jog wheel support needs to be done with our development team in-house. 

However, any button, slider or knob found on-screen in our PCDJ DEX 2 or RED Mobile 2 DJ software platforms can be mapped easily and seamlessly with buttons, sliders or knobs on the MIDI controller (or to keyboard shortcuts).

Here is a video tutorial on how to use our "MIDI Learn" feature with our DJ Mixing Software:

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DJ Equipment for Digital DJs: A Begginers Guide


basicdigitaldjequipmentDJ Equipment for Beginner Digital DJs

For new Digital DJs it can seem pretty daunting – what DJ Equipment is necessary to start DJing with a computer based DJ setup, or to make the leap from "traditional” hardware based DJ equipment? 

In this post we’ll provide a rundown on the DJ equipment requirements for a basic digital dj setup. For starters, take a look at the Dj gear in the picture next to this paragraph – as you can see there are only 5 really key Dj equipment components needed to get into the mix right away.  

Now let’s outline each piece of DJ gear you’ll need for a basic Digital DJ rig:

DJ Laptop Computer

DJ Software is standard in any mobile dj or club installation, and is the “brains” behind your entire setup.   All the DJ equipment we’ll refer to in this post is driven by DJ mixing software – without the software the remaining gear we’ll discuss is all large, expensive paperweights. 

Thus, the most important piece of DJ equipment you possess is your DJ computer.  You may already own one that is sufficient.   Please take a look at our system requirements for PCDJ’s flagship DJ software solution, PCDJ DEX 2 HERE   If you own or acquire a computer of at least the listed specifications, chances are your MAC or PC will run DJ software with ease.   However, no out-of-the-box computer is DJ ready – HERE is a list of highly suggested DJ system optimization tips!   

The MAC or PC debate is always polarizing.  Personally, if you’re dedicating the use of your DJ computer to your DJ software solution of choice, I feel a Windows machine performs just as well as a MAC.   In fact, if you plan to add video mixing capabilities you’re probably better off purchasing  a Windows machine with the required high-end video card since you’ll get twice the machine for close to half the price. 

Regardless, purchase or use a laptop suitable for your budget that meets the recommended requirements set forth by your DJ software provider.  


DJ Controller

DJ controllers are not necessarily a "requirement" for your digital DJ equipment setup, but personally I would never DJ without one.    If you’re not familiar with DJ controllers, please check out this blog post HERE that explains what they are and why you’d want to use one to control your DJ software. DJ controllers provide tactile hands-on control over DJ software, eliminating the need to use a mouse. 

There are DJ controllers for every budget, ranging from as low as $80 to as expensive as 2K. PCDJ recommends when shopping for a DJ controller to select one that includes an I/O interface built right in (this is the sound card that includes 2 stereo outputs, so you have a headphone cue channel and a main output.  Read more about DJ sound cards HERE

There are many “beginner DJ controllers” to select from, and PCDJ supports over 60 (zero-configure) as of today.  Every popular DJ equipment manufacturer has entry level Dj controllers and high-end solutions.  Check out Numark, American DJ or Hercules for basic controllers that include an I/O interface and are of solid and reliable construction, yet are still highly affordable.

If you want to jump in with both feet immediately, check out the Pioneer DJ or Denon DJ controllers on the market for professional solutions with a myriad of in-depth functionality.   Whatever DJ controller you decide to go with, try not to go too entry level.  Don’t go with a controller designed for home/bedroom use for instance, since as you hone your mixing skills with digital dj equipment you’ll want room to grow. 

We have a DJ Equipment page at that includes some of the latest digital DJ equipment that’s plug-and-play with PCDJ DJ software, as well as bundles that include both our DJ software solutions and DJ equipments (sound cards and DJ controllers)

Other brands to consider when researching DJ controllers for your DJ rig are ReloopGemini DJ, Stanton DJ and Vestax.


DJ Headphones

In order to cue-up, or otherwise pre-listen to tracks using a DJ controller (or DJ sound card) you’ll need another iconic and vital piece of DJ equipmentDJ headphones.  

There is a ton of headphone variety on the market today, in pretty much any color and style (including “in-ear” buds).  If you’re just starting out, you may not want to spend $200+ – and you don’t have to for good quality cans.  

What is special and important regarding proper DJ headphones is that the frequency range is wider with higher gain levels, and most include 50mm drivers to ensure the bass cuts through the mix (which you’ll be thankful for in a noisy club or when at a loud event).   So don’t purchase headphones designed for home use for your pro DJ equipment.

Sony, Pioneer, DenonNumark, Beats Audio and Vmoda are all popular brands with pro DJs.


If you are planning to build your first DJ equipment setup for your home, any type of home theatre system or computer speakers should be fine for practice.  Although one thing to keep in mind is that home based systems are configured for “normal” audio output and levels, so you don’t quite get the same sound you would out of a larger mobile DJ speaker system or even less at a club. 

For a new Digital DJ that wants to start mixing at parties or events, we’d recommend a basic self-powered speakers setup.  Self-powered speakers are already perfectly tuned and optimized making setup a breeze for even the greenest Digital DJ.  The amplifier is built directly into the speaker casing (just like the Mackie speakers pictured at the top of this post).  

Check out self-powered speakers from EV, Mackie, Bose, JBL and B-52.



For your basic digital dj equipment setup the most commonly used cable is RCA.  All DJ controllers and DJ sound cards offer RCA connections. You’ve certainly seen RCA cables before, as they are commonly used with home entertainment system and typically sport red and white connections.

RCA cables are unbalanced however, and much of the time pro DJ equipment includes other audio I/O options such as 1/4 inch or XLR (which are balanced connections) and provide better sound quality.

Check your DJ controller and the speakers system you plan to run out to in order to see what connection options are available.  For most any mobile DJ gig unbalanced RCA’s are just fine – but any club gig will most certainly want to use a balanced output.


We hope this post helps you understand the basic dj equipment you’ll need in order to perform with a DJ software based DJ rig.   Do you have any other essentials we missed you’d like to add?  Feel free to share in the comments below!   

Top 10 Things Not To Say To The DJ

10 things not to say to the dj

It's Friday, and most of us have DJ gigs lined up for what will be another busy weekend with little sleep fueled by Starbucks and/or multiple Redbull's.  So here's a little levity, an oldie but a goodie:

Top 10 Things Not To Say To The DJ

(Feel free to print out and stick to the DJ booth door!)

ATTENTION:  Before requesting songs, making comments, or asking the DJ any questions -- please review the list below:

    The DJ has to play to the crowd, to everyone – what you may not want to dance too, someone else may do back flips for.

    Uh, all the songs I play have a beat – otherwise they’d just be melodies, and I’d be out of a job. 

  3. I DON'T KNOW WHO SINGS IT AND I DON'T KNOW THE NAME OF THE SONG, BUT IT GOES LIKE THIS...(insert poor attempt at humming or beat boxing said song here) 
    Please don't try to hum-out or sing the song you’re trying to request.  DJs have to navigate drunken requests, drink spillage and dangerous decibel levels all night. Do the DJ a favor and don’t give them a rendition of your favorite song – you don’t make any sense anyway.

    Wow, so you polled all patrons in the club and, as their appointed spokesperson, you are requesting the song? 

    Well step up your game!  If you have any, you can get laid to anything!! (Alternatively, "buy the album and get laid for a month!") 

    The only people who can get away with that statement provides my paycheck at the end of the night.

    It's a lot easier for you to go have another beer and figure out what you want to hear than it is for the DJ to recite the name of every track in my DJ software library.   Google it or something.

    It is not advisable to say this when the dance floor is packed (but it happens, almost every gig, anyway)!  Even if there is only one person on the floor shaking their booty -  it still contradicts the statement. 

    The D.J. won' I guess that blows a hole in that theory! 

    If you’re at a club or event that doesn't play hip-hop, don't ask "you got any hip-hop"?   Just take out your ear buds and plug in your iPhone.

  11. Got any to add? Please share in the comments below! 

Enjoy your weekend and may your gigs be plentiful and profitable!

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DJ Mixing Software Skin - Video Mixing

Our best DJ program for DJs that provide their clients with the total multimedia mixing experience, including video mixing, is receiving the largest set of upgrades in our DJ Software product history.   This includes a new video mixing engine, a brand new track management browser (read more about the new DEX 3 audio, video and karaoke browser HERE) and new graphics engine that supports a myriad of new capabilities.   


PCDJ DEX 3 GUI - The 2 Deck Skin and New Video Mixing Tab 

DJ Software GUI's have evolved a lot in the last 15 years.  This corresponds directly with all the new capabilities and features found in top DJ software solutions.  While some functionality will remain "hidden" from a GUI (only accessible with A DJ Controller), the bulk of what DJ mixing software can do is found on the software skin (GUI).  It's a balancing act.  In one hand you want your DJ program graphical user interface to be sleek, streamlined and easy to navigate -- whilst adding all the knobs, buttons, sliders and other controls required to access and use the new, and in the case of DEX 3 greatly improved, features.

This is why almost as much PCDJ development time is dedicated to creating the perfect default skin as to other items such as the video mixing engine and effects.

The new GUI engine in DEX 3 includes dynamic resizing in addition to a new 4-deck skin (check out a preview HERE), transparency mode and support for album art.  Users of DEX 3 can dream up almost any creative design, so we're really excited to see what submissions we receive for DEX 3 skins after our initial public launch.   

Here's a low-rez render of the new 3 deck skin with video mixing mode for PCDJ DEX 3  (This is a render, so we're not showing you it "active" with buttons pressed and waveforms, but use your imagination! More to come later, of course -- but take note of the LARGE video previews, oh yes...)  Click Image For Larger View


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Karaoke Software – Featured User


Each month we plan to highlight one PCDJ DJ Software user and one Karaoke Software user, and their business.  

Meet Cynthia Jesseen of Tulsa Karaoke DJ Nights located in Tulsa Oklahoma, a PCDJ Karaoki karaoke software and Karaoke Cloud Pro user for the last two years. 

Cynthia has specialized in hosting karaoke for nearly a decade, and has recently added DJ services to her repertoire (She uses our PCDJ RED Mobile 2 DJ software).   She's a one-woman show with an outgoing and engaging personality her clients gravitate to -- which has helped her secure regular karaoke gigs at some of the trendiest karaoke venues in town.

PCDJ:  Why did you choose PCDJ Karaoki karaoke software for your Karaoke business?

Karaoke Singers

CJ:   I like the options available with PCDJ Karaoki. Such as the BGM (Background Music Player), Music Store and KCP (Karaoke Cloud Pro) Subscription Service. It's a very easy to use karaoke software. Simple enough to figure out easily but not so simple it doesn't have plenty of the options us KJ's love to have.

PCDJ:  What tip would you give to other Pro KJs?

CJ:   Always make sure you're up to date with your karaoke software (Note: PCDJ Karaoki is updated often). Also keep yourself up to date with all of the laws and restrictions on Karaoke Song usage rights. This can be confusing so I recommend converting (one-for-one) your own legally purchased karaoke CDG discs along with getting a subscription to the Karaoke Cloud Pro, which is built into this amazing karaoke software.

Other than that know your crowd so you can keep your shows interesting for them. Have contests and mix your shows up with the holidays or any other special events.  Have contests where guests dress up like their favorite singers and sing their songs or have an Idol competition. Some venues will participate with you by offering prizes such as shots or dinner vouchers. Whatever you do make it fun and get creative. I could go on and on but when it all boils have a great job ENJOY IT! 

CJ:   I also want to add in that the customer service from PCDJ for their karaoke software is always quick to respond and great at resolving any problems that may come up. This is not just software that you download online and hope for the best. This is a "Full Service" DJ Software and KJ Software Company. 

(Cynthia was recently featured on the "Explore Tulsa" TV show, give it a watch HERE )


Learn more about Cynthia Jesseen and Tulsa Karaoke And DJ Nights at

For a free demo of PCDJ Karaoki, Karaoke Software designed for Pro KJs, Please Visit HERE

To learn more about the Karaoke Cloud Pro professional karaoke subscription, Visit HERE 

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PCDJ DEX 3 Preview – The Redesigned File Browser

DJ Software File Browser

PCDJ DEX 3 Preview: DJ Mixing Software Gets An All-New Redesigned Audio, Music Video and Karaoke File Browser 

DEX is PCDJ's best DJ mixing software solution for DJs performing with all media types, offering the total multimedia experience to their audience.  Audio mixing, video mixing and karaoke hosting are included in a robust easy to use DJ software package.  The totally redesigned PCDJ DEX 3 is set to launch in just a handful of weeks, and one major focus of the major upgrade is the all-new media file browser.  

The current file brower included in DEX 2 is fairly basic, and one of the 'older' portions of the application, from a code standpoint.  PCDJ development has spent much of the last 8+ months working to improve the file browser, and it's come together very nicely if I do say so myself.   PCDJ DEX 3 includes a new video mixing engine, graphics engine and browser code.   The new core foundation code has been designed so that it can deploy to any platform -- including tablets and mobile OS's.   With that in mind, you will see in the preview screen shot I've included below how the new design/layout will lend itself very nicely to touch screen operation.  

PCDJ DEX 3 File Browser Screen Shot (PLEASE NOTE: We are still designing some of the skin elements, including the new file browser icons and color scheme - so the "look" will change some before the public release)  

Click Image For Larger View 


Here Are A Few Things To Note Regarding The New DEX 3 DJ Software Browser

  • The file browser is no longer "list style" -- all tracks browsed in DEX 3 are automatically inserted into the database and they be instantly searched/used later
  • Album artwork is automatically displayed in lists/explorer 
  • Track tags are always displayed, even when browsing media directories on your hard drive
  • All-New "Side List" or Request List - double click, drag and drop, or click enter on your keyboard to send track to visble side list (which can be used for manual mixing or Auto-Mix)
  • Side-List will also double as new "singers list" for karaoke - the list auto-detects if you're dragging in a karaoke track as opposed to an audio or music video, and will prompt for a singers name
  • Search, Filters and list loading are all much faster, based on the new true-database back-end
  • "Flick Gestures" for fast navigation through the left browser pane - great with a mouse, even more fun with a touch-screen
  • Sort function highlights the field in which you are sorting by for easier viewing
  • All-New History (date stamped log)
  • New "Suggestion List" will provide song selections based on what you're playing (based on genre, bpm, etc)
  • Improved iTunes Support


The new browser in our flagship DJ mixing software is by far the most robust and feature rich PCDJ has ever created.  It's unique, and nothing quite like it is present in any other DJ program on the market today.  This is truly only a start, as 2014 will prove to be a banner year for DEX 3 innovations.   Look for tablet versions launching later this year as well!

For a general overview of what you can expect to see in the first version of PCDJ DEX 3 check out this previous blog post HERE

If you'd like to demo the existing PCDJ DEX 2 version (free upgrades will be included to DEX 3 for all DEX 2 owners!), you can download it HERE

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PCDJ DJ Software and Karaoke Software Australia Distributors – KHE Direct


PCDJ's full line of DJ software and karaoke software for professional DJs and entertainers is offered in 'Australasia' by KHE Direct.  KHE is the leading provider of karaoke music and downloads in Australia, and were a natual fit for our DJ and karaoke software products (all current PCDJ products offer karaoke support).   

Since the PCDJ blog is a couple months young (and I'm surely green when it comes to blogging), this is really my first opportunity to formally introduce KHE to our PCDJ community.  Tim Van Andel is KHE's CEO, and the brains behind all daily business operations.  

Please meet Tim and let him explain who KHE is and how they became who they've become:

About KHE’s CEO Tim van Andel

I started my career working at a specialist Sony store in Melbourne CBD selling high end consumer electronics which included “Video Laser Disc Players” and discovered that though you could purchase the $2000 video disc player the software or video disc movies were not sold in Australia.

Pioneer also sold Laser Disc players and Karaoke discs for them but no movies. That meant people had to telephone the United States and import the Laser Discs via mail order, this was long before the internet we all know today.

So I decided to start my own company in 1991 that would import, distribute and retail laser video disc movies. So I spent the next 12 to 18 months negotiating with Pioneer LCDE in the UK for our first license for Universal Pictures, Paramount Pictures and EMI Music titles.

In the end we managed to sign deals with all the major Hollywood studios of the time ; Pioneer LCDE (Universal/Paramount/EMI), Polygram Music, Columbia Tristar (Sony Entertainment), Buena Vista (Walt Disney Studios), Warner Bros., MGM/United Artists, Village Roadshow and 20th Century Fox.

Laser disc was a niche market and movie discs were priced between $60 and $100 each, a far cry from today’s DVD’s of $20, Karaoke discs were even more expensive as Pioneer deemed them a commercial product not a retail one so prices of $500 per disc were common practise back then.

As the market changed from Laser Disc to DVD we morphed our business into DVD, and even more so in 1999 into “Karaoke Home Entertainment” aka KHE as our primary business, as the prices of equipment and software became affordable for the main stream consumer. We never looked back since partnering along the way with industry giants; Sunfly Karaoke, SBI Karaoke, Sonken Karaoke and of course PCDJ.

Today we are focused on building strong customer relationships and expanding our reach, so everyone can enjoy Karaoke at home!  

About KHE Direct (

KHE Direct is based in Melbourne Australia and is the distribution division of Karaoke Home Entertainment, Australia’s No.1 Karaoke Retailer with stores in Melbourne and Perth.

In 2008 KHE Direct became the distributor for Sonken Karaoke Audio Visual products and in 2011 they partnered with PCDJ to distribute the full suite of Karaoke software and DJ mixing software in Australasia.

Karaoke Home Entertainment has the complete suite of PCDJ entertainment solutions including a Karaoke DJ laptop, song pack complete with PCDJ Karaoki hosting software full configured to run your show.

In 2009 KHE Direct acquired Sunfly Australia taking over distribution for Australia and New Zealand of all Sunfly Karaoke content.

In addition to distributing Sunfly Karaoke content, KHE Direct is licensed to create content from the massive song library of Sunfly Karaoke.

They produce an array of exclusive content, which is sold worldwide.

Sunfly World Stars / Sunfly Karaoke Kool / Sunfly 6 Of The Best / Sunfly 4 Play Hits / Sunfly Australian Classic Artists / Sunfly Down Under


khe-image2In 2011 KHE Direct added the library of SBI Global Ltd to the range and created yet another exclusive label “SBI Karaoke All Star Series”.

All these series are available on CD+G, DVD, MP3+G disc and Full Album Download in MP3+G.

Over 1000 titles have been created since 2009 exclusively by KHE Direct, albums can be downloaded from in MP3+G format.

KHE Direct also runs the digital download site  a dealer based download site which enables Karaoke Retailers worldwide to have their very own branded download site so they can sell download songs to their customers.

PCDJ Karaoki, Red Mobile 2 and DEX 2 are also offered on the perfect partnership with MP3+G downloads.

DJ Software 15% OFF Through 4-13-14


48 hour DJ software promotion

That's right, our leading PCDJ DJ mixing software applications can be instantly downloaded through Sunday 4-13-14 at 15% OFF!

Use this Coupon Code at checkout to instantly save 15% off the regular price of PCDJ DEX 2 (Audio, Video Mixing and Karaoke DJ software) or RED Mobile 2 (Audio and Basic Karaoke):


This promotion is for online only, and only good through Sunday the 4-13!

PCDJ DEX 2 DJ Mixing Software (mix everything) can be purchased HERE

To learn more about our DEX 2 DJ software that offers DJs the total package for mixing all media formats, please click HERE



PCDJ RED Mobile 2 DJ Software for Mobile DJs can be purchased HERE

More about RED Mobile 2 and why it's the perfect solution for mobile DJs can be found HERE

Expires 4-13-14



Karaoke Subscription – Why Use Karaoke Cloud Pro?

karaoke cloud pro karaoke subscription

Professional Karaoke Subscription - Why Karaoke Cloud Pro?

Turn the hardest, most expensive part of being a KJ into the easiest and least-expensive one 

karaoke software - PCDJ Karaoki with Karaoke Cloud Pro

Accumulating a legal karaoke catalog is expensive, time-consuming, and distracts you from running your business, and thanks to convoluted copyright and trademark laws, as a KJ it's hard to be sure that what you're playing commercially is strictly legal. That's why Digitrax Entertainment ( The Karaoke Cloud Pro creators) has gone to great lengths to assemble a terrific catalog, aggregating the best hits from the world's premier karaoke studios, and licensed that content with the major publishers, with more coming onboard all the time.  Karaoke Cloud Pro is a professional karaoke subscription

Costs less than one penny per song

You get more than 12,500 tracks available right now from the best karaoke providers in the business, featuring the greatest and newest hits from DigiTrax Karaoke (formerly Chartbuster), SBI, Sunfly, Stage Stars, DK, Magic Music (formerly Tropical Zone) and Mr. Entertainer, ready to play right in the best karaoke software on the market, PCDJ Karaoki. New hits are released every month, to keep you current, and are included in your subscription at no additional cost.

Works online or offline; simple to use

Using Karaoke Cloud Pro in our PCDJ karaoke software is so easy to use, you'll be amazed. All you need to do is sync PCDJ Karaoki with Karaoke Cloud Pro once per month to verify you're paying your subscription. You can download and store your Karaoke Cloud Pro songs locally for offline use, so you only need to connect once per month to validate your subscription. You’ll get DRM protected high-quality MP3+G files, just like you already use.

Why using legal karaoke content for commercial use is importantFBI warning

Consider for a moment that there are currently more than 300 lawsuits filed against suspected infringing karaoke operators, and another 300 investigations completed and ready to file. To date, more than $1.5 million has been paid in settlements to karaoke manufacturers from alleged infringing KJ’s and venues.

Investigators are in the field now inspecting karaoke shows across the nation. When they come to your show, you’ll never know they’ve been there until you’re served with a lawsuit.

Why risk litigation that will cost you thousands of dollars to defend? Karaoke Cloud Pro is the first and only legal professional karaoke subscription platform, shielding you from infringement claims and giving you confidence that you’re completely legal.

The piracy issue is important, for a lot of reasons. Piracy has driven down the value of a show night. Venue owners just assume you stole your library and have zero investment in your music, and if you price your library anywhere close to what it’s worth, there’s a pirate in your town with zero investment that the venue owner can hire for less. Honest KJ’s can no longer earn a living wage on their shows. Infringement suits from music publishers have driven US karaoke manufacturers into bankruptcy or reduced them to shadows of their former selves.

Joining karaoke cloud pro will not only save you money over time and increase the value of your shows, but also signal that you’re just as concerned as we are that piracy, left unchecked, will spell the doom of the karaoke industry.

You can be safe and still make more moneyKaraoke Cloud Pro Gift Cards
Karaoke Cloud Pro Subscribers are automatically qualified for and will receive $300 in gift cards to sell or award as prizes at shows, at no additional cost.

Not only does this put you on "the right side" of the piracy issue, it also opens up more money-making opportunities. Here's how - these gift cards are yours to use as you want. They're tied to your account with serial and redemption codes and you earn income on all their purchases, as long as they remain a customer of our consumer version. That goes for downloads and subscriptions.

Over time, this could actually earn you more residual income than your shows do, and all you have to do to get checks in your mailbox is sell or give those cards to interested customers.

Start enjoying all these benefits right away

  • Access to 12,500+ songs for only $99 a month
  • You'll be completely legal and can run your shows with confidence.
  • You get new monthly hits from the best karaoke studios.
  • You only pay about one penny per song for high-quality MP3+G's.
  • Works online or offline, right inside PCDJ Karaoke karaoke software.
  • No checks to write, no shipping fees to pay, and no discs to rip.


Please click here learn more about our professional karaoke subscription - Karaoke Cloud Pro

Please click here to learn more about our karaoke software - PCDJ Karaoki

Click here for a free karaoke software download for 14 days of fully functional use


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PCDJ DEX 3 – 4 Deck Skin Preview

DJ mixing software - DEX 3 4 deck skin preview

PCDJ's best DJ software solution for mixing everything -- audio, music videos and karaoke -- is about to receive the largest upgrade to date, with an all-new browser, video mixing engine and graphics engine.   This is a "core upgrade" and is the code foundation for the next 5-10 years of future development. (Over the next 12 months you'll see a lot of new features added)  


PCDJ DEX 3 will be PCDJ's most complete DJ mixing software to date, and one vital aspect of an interactive and responsive software application is the GUI (graphical user interface), or "Skin".  A lot of planning and feedback from various Pro DJs goes into creating our default skin for the software, almost as much as any other part of the program.  After all, it's what the DJ has to stare at for hours on end, so why spare time and expence?

DEX 3 will also include new "dynamic resizing".  While we'll include skins at various default resolutions, the skin can also be stretched and/or maximized to fit any screen resolution.   This is a big change to how skins have previously worked in the DEX 1 and DEX 2 versions.

Today we want to share with you a preview of our new 4 deck version of the upcoming default DEX 3 skin.  This is a teaser, and we're still making some final tweaks before the upgrade is launched.  In the skin render below, one obvious change that should immediately stick out is that the mixer section features new "panels" - those panels will allow you to swap the section for all-new FX (built in FX will be included, yup!), sampler, an improved loop section and more advanced audio and video mixer controls.  

So without further ado, here's a low-resolution render of the new 4 deck skin for PCDJ DEX 3 (yeah, we're not showing you too much yet.  This is a render, so we're not showing you it "active" with buttons pressed and wavefroms ablaze, but use your imagination!)  Click Image For Larger View


If you'd like to be informed when PCDJ DEX 3 DJ software is launched publicly, please subscribe to our newsletter in the left side bar of the blog home page -- we'll email you as soon as it's ready for download!