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Each month we plan to highlight one PCDJ DJ Software user and one Karaoke Software user, and their business.  

Meet Cynthia Jesseen of Tulsa Karaoke DJ Nights located in Tulsa Oklahoma, a PCDJ Karaoki karaoke software and Karaoke Cloud Pro user for the last two years. 

Cynthia has specialized in hosting karaoke for nearly a decade, and has recently added DJ services to her repertoire (She uses our PCDJ RED Mobile 2 DJ software).   She's a one-woman show with an outgoing and engaging personality her clients gravitate to -- which has helped her secure regular karaoke gigs at some of the trendiest karaoke venues in town.

PCDJ:  Why did you choose PCDJ Karaoki karaoke software for your Karaoke business?

Karaoke Singers

CJ:   I like the options available with PCDJ Karaoki. Such as the BGM (Background Music Player), Music Store and KCP (Karaoke Cloud Pro) Subscription Service. It's a very easy to use karaoke software. Simple enough to figure out easily but not so simple it doesn't have plenty of the options us KJ's love to have.

PCDJ:  What tip would you give to other Pro KJs?

CJ:   Always make sure you're up to date with your karaoke software (Note: PCDJ Karaoki is updated often). Also keep yourself up to date with all of the laws and restrictions on Karaoke Song usage rights. This can be confusing so I recommend converting (one-for-one) your own legally purchased karaoke CDG discs along with getting a subscription to the Karaoke Cloud Pro, which is built into this amazing karaoke software.

Other than that know your crowd so you can keep your shows interesting for them. Have contests and mix your shows up with the holidays or any other special events.  Have contests where guests dress up like their favorite singers and sing their songs or have an Idol competition. Some venues will participate with you by offering prizes such as shots or dinner vouchers. Whatever you do make it fun and get creative. I could go on and on but when it all boils down...you have a great job ENJOY IT! 

CJ:   I also want to add in that the customer service from PCDJ for their karaoke software is always quick to respond and great at resolving any problems that may come up. This is not just software that you download online and hope for the best. This is a "Full Service" DJ Software and KJ Software Company. 

(Cynthia was recently featured on the "Explore Tulsa" TV show, give it a watch HERE )


Learn more about Cynthia Jesseen and Tulsa Karaoke And DJ Nights at https://www.facebook.com/TulsaKaraokeNights

For a free demo of PCDJ Karaoki, Karaoke Software designed for Pro KJs, Please Visit HERE

To learn more about the Karaoke Cloud Pro professional karaoke subscription, Visit HERE 

Are you interested in being a featured PCDJ user?  Email us at submit@pcdj.com 


PCDJ DEX 3 Preview – The Redesigned File Browser

DJ Software File Browser

PCDJ DEX 3 Preview: DJ Mixing Software Gets An All-New Redesigned Audio, Music Video and Karaoke File Browser 

DEX is PCDJ's best DJ mixing software solution for DJs performing with all media types, offering the total multimedia experience to their audience.  Audio mixing, video mixing and karaoke hosting are included in a robust easy to use DJ software package.  The totally redesigned PCDJ DEX 3 is set to launch in just a handful of weeks, and one major focus of the major upgrade is the all-new media file browser.  

The current file brower included in DEX 2 is fairly basic, and one of the 'older' portions of the application, from a code standpoint.  PCDJ development has spent much of the last 8+ months working to improve the file browser, and it's come together very nicely if I do say so myself.   PCDJ DEX 3 includes a new video mixing engine, graphics engine and browser code.   The new core foundation code has been designed so that it can deploy to any platform -- including tablets and mobile OS's.   With that in mind, you will see in the preview screen shot I've included below how the new design/layout will lend itself very nicely to touch screen operation.  

PCDJ DEX 3 File Browser Screen Shot (PLEASE NOTE: We are still designing some of the skin elements, including the new file browser icons and color scheme - so the "look" will change some before the public release)  

Click Image For Larger View 


Here Are A Few Things To Note Regarding The New DEX 3 DJ Software Browser

  • The file browser is no longer "list style" -- all tracks browsed in DEX 3 are automatically inserted into the database and they be instantly searched/used later
  • Album artwork is automatically displayed in lists/explorer 
  • Track tags are always displayed, even when browsing media directories on your hard drive
  • All-New "Side List" or Request List - double click, drag and drop, or click enter on your keyboard to send track to visble side list (which can be used for manual mixing or Auto-Mix)
  • Side-List will also double as new "singers list" for karaoke - the list auto-detects if you're dragging in a karaoke track as opposed to an audio or music video, and will prompt for a singers name
  • Search, Filters and list loading are all much faster, based on the new true-database back-end
  • "Flick Gestures" for fast navigation through the left browser pane - great with a mouse, even more fun with a touch-screen
  • Sort function highlights the field in which you are sorting by for easier viewing
  • All-New History (date stamped log)
  • New "Suggestion List" will provide song selections based on what you're playing (based on genre, bpm, etc)
  • Improved iTunes Support


The new browser in our flagship DJ mixing software is by far the most robust and feature rich PCDJ has ever created.  It's unique, and nothing quite like it is present in any other DJ program on the market today.  This is truly only a start, as 2014 will prove to be a banner year for DEX 3 innovations.   Look for tablet versions launching later this year as well!

For a general overview of what you can expect to see in the first version of PCDJ DEX 3 check out this previous blog post HERE

If you'd like to demo the existing PCDJ DEX 2 version (free upgrades will be included to DEX 3 for all DEX 2 owners!), you can download it HERE

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PCDJ DJ Software and Karaoke Software Australia Distributors – KHE Direct


PCDJ's full line of DJ software and karaoke software for professional DJs and entertainers is offered in 'Australasia' by KHE Direct.  KHE is the leading provider of karaoke music and downloads in Australia, and were a natual fit for our DJ and karaoke software products (all current PCDJ products offer karaoke support).   

Since the PCDJ blog is a couple months young (and I'm surely green when it comes to blogging), this is really my first opportunity to formally introduce KHE to our PCDJ community.  Tim Van Andel is KHE's CEO, and the brains behind all daily business operations.  

Please meet Tim and let him explain who KHE is and how they became who they've become:

About KHE’s CEO Tim van Andel

I started my career working at a specialist Sony store in Melbourne CBD selling high end consumer electronics which included “Video Laser Disc Players” and discovered that though you could purchase the $2000 video disc player the software or video disc movies were not sold in Australia.

Pioneer also sold Laser Disc players and Karaoke discs for them but no movies. That meant people had to telephone the United States and import the Laser Discs via mail order, this was long before the internet we all know today.

So I decided to start my own company in 1991 that would import, distribute and retail laser video disc movies. So I spent the next 12 to 18 months negotiating with Pioneer LCDE in the UK for our first license for Universal Pictures, Paramount Pictures and EMI Music titles.

In the end we managed to sign deals with all the major Hollywood studios of the time ; Pioneer LCDE (Universal/Paramount/EMI), Polygram Music, Columbia Tristar (Sony Entertainment), Buena Vista (Walt Disney Studios), Warner Bros., MGM/United Artists, Village Roadshow and 20th Century Fox.

Laser disc was a niche market and movie discs were priced between $60 and $100 each, a far cry from today’s DVD’s of $20, Karaoke discs were even more expensive as Pioneer deemed them a commercial product not a retail one so prices of $500 per disc were common practise back then.

As the market changed from Laser Disc to DVD we morphed our business into DVD, and even more so in 1999 into “Karaoke Home Entertainment” aka KHE as our primary business, as the prices of equipment and software became affordable for the main stream consumer. We never looked back since partnering along the way with industry giants; Sunfly Karaoke, SBI Karaoke, Sonken Karaoke and of course PCDJ.

Today we are focused on building strong customer relationships and expanding our reach, so everyone can enjoy Karaoke at home!  

About KHE Direct (www.khedirect.com.au)

KHE Direct is based in Melbourne Australia and is the distribution division of Karaoke Home Entertainment, Australia’s No.1 Karaoke Retailer with stores in Melbourne and Perth.

In 2008 KHE Direct became the distributor for Sonken Karaoke Audio Visual products and in 2011 they partnered with PCDJ to distribute the full suite of Karaoke software and DJ mixing software in Australasia.

Karaoke Home Entertainment has the complete suite of PCDJ entertainment solutions www.khe.com.au/pcdj including a Karaoke DJ laptop, song pack complete with PCDJ Karaoki hosting software full configured to run your show.

In 2009 KHE Direct acquired Sunfly Australia taking over distribution for Australia and New Zealand of all Sunfly Karaoke content.

In addition to distributing Sunfly Karaoke content, KHE Direct is licensed to create content from the massive song library of Sunfly Karaoke.

They produce an array of exclusive content, which is sold worldwide.

Sunfly World Stars / Sunfly Karaoke Kool / Sunfly 6 Of The Best / Sunfly 4 Play Hits / Sunfly Australian Classic Artists / Sunfly Down Under


khe-image2In 2011 KHE Direct added the library of SBI Global Ltd to the range and created yet another exclusive label “SBI Karaoke All Star Series”.

All these series are available on CD+G, DVD, MP3+G disc and Full Album Download in MP3+G.

Over 1000 titles have been created since 2009 exclusively by KHE Direct, albums can be downloaded from www.picknmix.com.au in MP3+G format.

KHE Direct also runs the digital download site www.singmp3g.com.au/reseller/  a dealer based download site which enables Karaoke Retailers worldwide to have their very own branded download site so they can sell download songs to their customers.

PCDJ Karaoki, Red Mobile 2 and DEX 2 are also offered on www.singmp3g.com.au/pcdj/ the perfect partnership with MP3+G downloads.

DJ Software 15% OFF Through 4-13-14


48 hour DJ software promotion

That's right, our leading PCDJ DJ mixing software applications can be instantly downloaded through Sunday 4-13-14 at 15% OFF!

Use this Coupon Code at checkout to instantly save 15% off the regular price of PCDJ DEX 2 (Audio, Video Mixing and Karaoke DJ software) or RED Mobile 2 (Audio and Basic Karaoke):


This promotion is for online only, and only good through Sunday the 4-13!

PCDJ DEX 2 DJ Mixing Software (mix everything) can be purchased HERE

To learn more about our DEX 2 DJ software that offers DJs the total package for mixing all media formats, please click HERE



PCDJ RED Mobile 2 DJ Software for Mobile DJs can be purchased HERE

More about RED Mobile 2 and why it's the perfect solution for mobile DJs can be found HERE

Expires 4-13-14



Karaoke Subscription – Why Use Karaoke Cloud Pro?

karaoke cloud pro karaoke subscription

Professional Karaoke Subscription - Why Karaoke Cloud Pro?

Turn the hardest, most expensive part of being a KJ into the easiest and least-expensive one 

karaoke software - PCDJ Karaoki with Karaoke Cloud Pro

Accumulating a legal karaoke catalog is expensive, time-consuming, and distracts you from running your business, and thanks to convoluted copyright and trademark laws, as a KJ it's hard to be sure that what you're playing commercially is strictly legal. That's why Digitrax Entertainment ( The Karaoke Cloud Pro creators) has gone to great lengths to assemble a terrific catalog, aggregating the best hits from the world's premier karaoke studios, and licensed that content with the major publishers, with more coming onboard all the time.  Karaoke Cloud Pro is a professional karaoke subscription

Costs less than one penny per song

You get more than 12,500 tracks available right now from the best karaoke providers in the business, featuring the greatest and newest hits from DigiTrax Karaoke (formerly Chartbuster), SBI, Sunfly, Stage Stars, DK, Magic Music (formerly Tropical Zone) and Mr. Entertainer, ready to play right in the best karaoke software on the market, PCDJ Karaoki. New hits are released every month, to keep you current, and are included in your subscription at no additional cost.

Works online or offline; simple to use

Using Karaoke Cloud Pro in our PCDJ karaoke software is so easy to use, you'll be amazed. All you need to do is sync PCDJ Karaoki with Karaoke Cloud Pro once per month to verify you're paying your subscription. You can download and store your Karaoke Cloud Pro songs locally for offline use, so you only need to connect once per month to validate your subscription. You’ll get DRM protected high-quality MP3+G files, just like you already use.

Why using legal karaoke content for commercial use is importantFBI warning

Consider for a moment that there are currently more than 300 lawsuits filed against suspected infringing karaoke operators, and another 300 investigations completed and ready to file. To date, more than $1.5 million has been paid in settlements to karaoke manufacturers from alleged infringing KJ’s and venues.

Investigators are in the field now inspecting karaoke shows across the nation. When they come to your show, you’ll never know they’ve been there until you’re served with a lawsuit.

Why risk litigation that will cost you thousands of dollars to defend? Karaoke Cloud Pro is the first and only legal professional karaoke subscription platform, shielding you from infringement claims and giving you confidence that you’re completely legal.

The piracy issue is important, for a lot of reasons. Piracy has driven down the value of a show night. Venue owners just assume you stole your library and have zero investment in your music, and if you price your library anywhere close to what it’s worth, there’s a pirate in your town with zero investment that the venue owner can hire for less. Honest KJ’s can no longer earn a living wage on their shows. Infringement suits from music publishers have driven US karaoke manufacturers into bankruptcy or reduced them to shadows of their former selves.

Joining karaoke cloud pro will not only save you money over time and increase the value of your shows, but also signal that you’re just as concerned as we are that piracy, left unchecked, will spell the doom of the karaoke industry.

You can be safe and still make more moneyKaraoke Cloud Pro Gift Cards
Karaoke Cloud Pro Subscribers are automatically qualified for and will receive $300 in gift cards to sell or award as prizes at shows, at no additional cost.

Not only does this put you on "the right side" of the piracy issue, it also opens up more money-making opportunities. Here's how - these gift cards are yours to use as you want. They're tied to your account with serial and redemption codes and you earn income on all their purchases, as long as they remain a customer of our consumer version. That goes for downloads and subscriptions.

Over time, this could actually earn you more residual income than your shows do, and all you have to do to get checks in your mailbox is sell or give those cards to interested customers.

Start enjoying all these benefits right away

  • Access to 12,500+ songs for only $99 a month
  • You'll be completely legal and can run your shows with confidence.
  • You get new monthly hits from the best karaoke studios.
  • You only pay about one penny per song for high-quality MP3+G's.
  • Works online or offline, right inside PCDJ Karaoke karaoke software.
  • No checks to write, no shipping fees to pay, and no discs to rip.


Please click here learn more about our professional karaoke subscription - Karaoke Cloud Pro

Please click here to learn more about our karaoke software - PCDJ Karaoki

Click here for a free karaoke software download for 14 days of fully functional use


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PCDJ DEX 3 – 4 Deck Skin Preview

DJ mixing software - DEX 3 4 deck skin preview

PCDJ's best DJ software solution for mixing everything -- audio, music videos and karaoke -- is about to receive the largest upgrade to date, with an all-new browser, video mixing engine and graphics engine.   This is a "core upgrade" and is the code foundation for the next 5-10 years of future development. (Over the next 12 months you'll see a lot of new features added)  


PCDJ DEX 3 will be PCDJ's most complete DJ mixing software to date, and one vital aspect of an interactive and responsive software application is the GUI (graphical user interface), or "Skin".  A lot of planning and feedback from various Pro DJs goes into creating our default skin for the software, almost as much as any other part of the program.  After all, it's what the DJ has to stare at for hours on end, so why spare time and expence?

DEX 3 will also include new "dynamic resizing".  While we'll include skins at various default resolutions, the skin can also be stretched and/or maximized to fit any screen resolution.   This is a big change to how skins have previously worked in the DEX 1 and DEX 2 versions.

Today we want to share with you a preview of our new 4 deck version of the upcoming default DEX 3 skin.  This is a teaser, and we're still making some final tweaks before the upgrade is launched.  In the skin render below, one obvious change that should immediately stick out is that the mixer section features new "panels" - those panels will allow you to swap the section for all-new FX (built in FX will be included, yup!), sampler, an improved loop section and more advanced audio and video mixer controls.  

So without further ado, here's a low-resolution render of the new 4 deck skin for PCDJ DEX 3 (yeah, we're not showing you too much yet.  This is a render, so we're not showing you it "active" with buttons pressed and wavefroms ablaze, but use your imagination!)  Click Image For Larger View


If you'd like to be informed when PCDJ DEX 3 DJ software is launched publicly, please subscribe to our newsletter in the left side bar of the blog home page -- we'll email you as soon as it's ready for download! 


Wedding DJ Average Rate In 2013 – Are You Charging Enough?

Average Rate DJs Should charge for Weddings

What's your Mobile DJ rate for weddings?

A recent blog article published by The Knot regarding the average cost of a wedding in 2013 suggests the average DJs rate was $1,083. That's a U.S. nationwide average, so it's safe to assume many Mobile DJs charge significantly more.   

If you're not already charging at least $1,083 for your Wedding DJ package, why not?    

Adding additional services to your DJ repertoire is one way you can increase your bottom line.  The majority of your wedding clients, namely brides, all want the same thing -- a unique and memorable event the guest will talk about forever.  More options in your DJ arsenal means more package upgrades you can potentially tack on to make a unique and exciting wedding and reception.   

Here are a few options to add to your Wedding DJ packages so you can charge more:

Adding a nice lighting package is an excellent option, with Uplighting being all the craze today.  Uplighting can be visually stunning, and not all that expensive to pull off.  Check out this video from DJJERMUSIC for some great options Chauvet DJ has available that won't break the bank:


Adding a music video mixing package is another great option made easy by DJ software like PCDJ DEX -- which offers audio, music video and karaoke mixing in one robust platform.   Mixing music videos is as simple as mixing audio with our DEX DJ mixing software.   Offering a complete multimedia experience can only help you leave your stamp on the event.   Please CLICK HERE for a previous blog post regarding what's needed to start adding music video mixing to your DJ services.  For a free DJ software demo of DEX or to learn more about the product please click HERE

Some DJs have even added a Trivia Party package, which can be used for a bit of fun with the wedding party during the reception.  Since Trivia Party software allows you to program your own questions and answers, even allowing for video or pictures, you can have some fun with the bride and groom and the wedding party.   CLICK HERE to learn more about Trivia Party software and how it you can benefit financially from adding it to your services. 

Here is the entire "National Average Cost Of A Wedding" graphic compliments of The Knot:


What other items can DJs add to their Wedding packages to increase price?   We'd love to hear from you!


PCDJ Karaoki – Karaoke Software Beta Launched

PCDJ Karaoki - Karaoke software beta

It's beta time!  Worlds leading karaoke software solution for pro KJ's is about to get a nice face lift.

PCDJ Karaoki has quickly grown into one our most popular karaoke applications ever, and the best karaoke software on the market.   We feel this is due, in no small part, to ample user feedback.  

PCDJ likes to publicly test all of our Karaoki beta versions on our public message forums, where all of our karaoke software customers can interact directly with our lead karaoke software developer, providing invaluable feedback on how Karaoki performs at any given karaoke show.    If the suggestions fit within our vision as well, we almost always make an effort to include the feature, or implement the change. 

Our latest PCDJ Karaoki karaoke software beta was just posted for all the world to test, you can check it out for yourself now HERE on our forums. You will want to create a free PCDJ message forum account, which will then allow you to post your feedback to the beta thread for other beta team members and development to view. 

Here's a quick rundown on notable changes, fixes and updates to our flagship beta karaoke software solution for karaoke hosts:

Changes in latest Karaoki beta:

  • Build #0.8.5205.33087 Apr 2nd 2014
  • Fixed: Bug in Internet connection detection code
  • Fixed: Rotation list drag reorder caused the GUI to freeze until mouse moved 
  • Fixed: 'Fade to Stop' not working with .mp4
  • Fixed: Load '.Hst' files bug.
  • Fixed: Duplicate songs removal removes all instances of the song.
  • Fixed: Potential Exception when using 'Fade to Stop' 
  • Fixed: Karaoki will no longer accept tracks via the 'Remote Terminal' if the singers name is not entered.
  • Fixed: ‘Save Show As..’ only saving to default directory.
  • Change: previous Karaoke player volume level setting is saved and restored in-between sessions.
  • Change: S-A-T reinstated for all territories.
  • Added: ‘Set Track Order’ option to the singer’s song list menu on the ‘Singer Data’ screen.
  • Added: ‘Add User CD+G Disk Data’ option to the singer’s song list menu on the ‘Singer Data’ screen.
  • Added: option to start Karaoki with ‘Auto karaoke’ enabled. ‘Options > Auto Karaoke > Run at Startup.’
  • Added: Additional data now shown on the singer’s data pop up that is displayed when the mouse is hovering over a singer’s name. 

Previous beta build

  • Build #0.8.5179.31430 Mar 7th 2014
  • Fixed: 'Auto Karaoki' not functioning after "fade to Stop"
  • Fixed: Crash if apostrophe in singer name.
  • Fixed: “Auto Capitalize” not functioning with ‘Remote Terminal’
  • Added: “Print Singer Data” and “Save Singer Data to Text file” right click menu options added to singer list on ‘Singer Data’ screen.
  • Added: “Check All” and Uncheck All” right click options to ‘In Rotation’ column on ‘Singer Data’ screen.
  • Added: ‘Load .Hst Files’ option to rotation list right click menu


To learn more about PCDJ Karaoki - Karaoke Software For Professional KJs - Please Click Here

We'd love your feedback too, thanks! 


5 Things You Should Do Before Every Digital DJ Gig

Digital DJ - 5 things before every gig

Being a Pro DJ means preparation is paramount.   Prepare and test your DJ software and DJ equipment correctly and your gig should be stress free and enjoyable for you and your audience. 

All too much, I've witnessed DJs that don't prepare and test run into situations during a gig more F'd up than a pile of coat hangers.   It can lead to embarrasing moments behind the booth, and in some very unfortunate cases -- no payment for the DJ.   

In this blog post I will touch on 5 things you should do before every gig when using DJ mixing software.


1) Setup And Test Your Entire Rig

The night prior to your gig, unless you just had a DJ gig that night, setup your equipment -- all of it -- and run through a quick 30 minute set.  Make sure your sound card routing (for your DJ Controller or External Sound Card) is configured properly in your DJ software, none of your cables are problematic and that all the component for all your DJ hardware (Power cables, USB cords, Firewire cable, Mic and cable etc) are working as they should.  If something isn't working, or you're missing gear - you've got time to pick something up pre-gig the following morning. 


2) Create A Playlist, Not A Set List

Many times, if you're a Mobile DJ working an event your client will supply a list of songs they want to be played.  Throw them into a playlist. In our PCDJ DEX 2 DJ software, this is as easy as right-clicking on the left hand side of the browser and selecting "New Playlist" - type in the name of the event and drag files into it.   If it's a club DJ gig, setup a list of "must play" tracks for the night.  

Important Note:  Being a DJ means playing to your audience, it's about packing the dance floor while still catering to your client.  It's a balancing act.   Make sure you work in your clients requested songs, and viable requests throughout the gig, but pay attention to what vibe is motivating the audience to get their butt's out of their seats.   If it's a club gig certainly work in your "must play" songs from your set list, but be mindful of your audience and the song selections that's moving them.  In our upcoming DEX 3 release, we have a new smart-list called "Suggestion List" which will offer up tracks based on what your playing - around the same BPM and genre etc.  This can certainly be useful when you've got a packed floor and you want to keep it that way.


3) Make A Master Backup Of All Your Lists/Settings

DJ mixing software like PCDJ DEX 2 stores all your settings and playlists/library files in one directory/location on your hard disk.  In the case of DEX 2, navigate to Documents -> PCDJ-DEX.   Make a copy of the entire directory (right click, copy, and paste it elsewhere - such as your desktop).   In the case of a corrupted track library or settings failing to properly load when you get to your gig, you can quickly and easily replace the PCDJ-DEX folder with the backup you made.  Simply close down DEX 2, copy the directory from the backup location and drop it into Documents -- replacing the default PCDJ-DEX directory.  Done. 


4) Backup, Backup, Backup

Always bring a second DJ machine loaded up with your DJ mixing software, test it pre-gig too.  Make sure your backup DJ computer and DJ software mirrors that of your regular gig machine. If you have a catastrophic computer failure mid event or set, your backup laptop is standing by ready to go.  In fact, I would recommend leaving it ON behind your rig if possible.  You want the switch over to be seamless, and that the same song selections are present on the backup machine too.  The same playlist of "must play" tunes you created on your main gig machine should be on the backup as well.


5) Disable BlueTooth And Wi-Fi 

These can be resource hungry little buggers.  They demand resources that when pulled on at the wrong time could create hiccups in playback and other resource problems. You will probably have these turned on while at home, especially if you're a subscriber to any online record pool services (such as our iDJPool subscription).  Remember to disable them after you boot up your machine when you get to your gig to ensure resources are being used almost exclusively for your DJ mixing software.   For more system optimization tips, check out THIS BLOG POST 


Just 5 tips to help your Digital DJ gig go off without a hitch! 

Have any tips to share?  Feel free to comment below, or become a quest blogger -- just email us at submit@pcdj.com